meet the founder

As a little girl growing up between Rio De Janeiro and Chile, the beach lifestyle and enjoying the summer was a central part of my culture.

I grew up to love that connection with the ocean and became inspired to live in places such as Australia and Bali. For 6 years while travelling, I had my own jewelry brand inspired by this lyfestyle, and as I grew older, my dreams evolved with me.

When I was brought by love to live in Sweden, I begun to question where my jewelry was coming from and whether or not my business was contributing to our planet. I realized my business was not aligned with my values. As such, I began to feel a strong sense of responsibility to propel change in the jewelry industry. That was when I decided to create a jewelry brand that would carry a positive impact.

Praia Studios was created. Meaningful jewelry made with recycled gold and silver and offsetting the C02 emissions from all our processes and shipping. Jewelry that does good and feels good.

our story

Praia means beach in Portuguese, and it was the unique Brazilian “praia lifestyle” that from a very young age set the heart of jewellery designer Iva Jeretic on the sun and the ocean.

When her summer love story took her all the way to Scandinavia, her obsession with the sun and the ocean grew to new heights, mostly due to the lack of sun during the long winters. An idea was born to bring the Praia Lifestyle and the sense of luxurious summer closer the hearts of people everywhere. She teamed up with her love and Praia Studios was born. 

we all want

meaningful jewelry

We aim to bring curated pieces and designs that have a meaning which you can treasure, and that will serve as reminders.

Since the beginning of civilization jewelry has been used as meaningful objects that carry stories and have power. Our designs are made with intention, love and care, so that it can be felt by its wearer and ultimately change your energy and life in a positive way when you are reminded of the message that your piece carries.

Welcome to Praia Studios

the sunny side of life