Our recycled silver is 100% nickel free and because of its high quality, will not rust over time. You can use your jewelry pretty much carelessly and will only need to clean it when it gets dirty. You can do this with ¨at home¨ silver cleaning methods and make it like new again. (If you ever need it). Or use a silver cleaning liquid. 

It is important to know that there is one element that will damage silver instantly and this is sulphur. Do not wear you jewelry in hot springs, they contain sulphur which will damage it.



For our gold plated designs we have not use the regular plating. We use a very thick plating of 1 full micron of 18 karat gold which ensures the gold stays longer.(and we mean VERY long with the right care).Underneath all our gold plating, we use silver, so your jewelry will not rust or stink with the use overtime (as it does when the base metal is brass).

To ensure your plated jewelry keeps looking its best; gently rub with a soft cloth to restore its shine. After use, clean with the cloth to remove any dust and dirt. We recommend removing before you swim, shower or apply lotion, makeup or perfume.